Mechanical vibration & dynamic deformation

vibrazioni Cohaerentia has matured an experience in the diagnostic of manufacturing processes providing a continuous in-process estimation of the most important technological indicators (i.e., cutting forces, loads on bearings, tool deflection, etc.), required to keep the process under control.

Distributed temperature sensor

Cohaerentia provides solutions for the reconstruction of temperature profiles for overheating diagnostic, both on short (<2 km) and long (up to 30 km) distances, with customizable spatial resolution and competitive prices.

  • Temperature resolution:  2 C°
  • Spatial resolution:  3 m
  • Cable length range: up to 30 km
  • Temperature range: 0-60° C°

Current & voltage sensor

current1 Cohaerentia proposes a patent-pending real time monitoring system of energy consumption, resilient to electromagnetic interference and with negligible installation and maintenance needs as it does not require any power supply.

The solution provides detailed temporal profiles of energy consumption and power factor analysis. Besides it’s capable to detect anomalous energy absorption peaks and broadband spectral harmonic distortions, highlighting possible system failures.