The LAFOS laboratory was born in 2014 from a joint idea of 4 research groups belonging to 4 departments (DMEC, DAER, DEIB, DICA), each working on very different application with the same technology: optical fiber sensors. Joining the technical competences was thus a natural and positive consequence. This laboratory is revealing fundamental in accelerating and acilitating the development of actual and new activities, thanks not only to the coagulation of the competences, but also thanks to the new instrumentation purchased by the laboratory.

The management committee is made up of: Prof. Ferruccio Resta (DMEC), Prof. Giuseppe Sala (DAER), Prof. Mario Martinelli (DEIB) and Prof. Francesco Ballio (DICA).


22 september 2015
Technical demonstration from 10:00 to 18:00
Short course at 11:00 and 15:00 (estimated duration: 1 hour), helded by prof. Mario Martinelli.


Building BL27, campus Bovisa, Politecnico di Milano
via Lambruschini 4, Milan, Italy


The laboratory provides the university with a design service for complex measuring systems, from design to development, installation, monitoring campaigns and data analysis.

For more information and details, contact:
Prof. Francesco Ballio, laboratory coordinator, , Ph. +39.02.2399.6236
Eng. Lorenzo Comolli, operations,, Ph. +39.02.2399.8663

Official webpage: external link.

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